Happiness is found in Finland

A northern country, home to the happiest people in the world – it is Finland. We want to share our happiness with you and gain a permanent place in your heart. Northern Skills Finland Education Ltd organizes tailored educational tours for student and pupil groups and education professionals from different countries. Welcome to Finland!

Educational tour of your dreams in Finland – unforgettable experiences

Imagine an evening under the northern starry sky as the frost nips your cheeks and the northern lights flare in the sky. Imagine stepping into the silence of a lush forest and picking fresh berries grown embraced by the bright nights of Lapland. Imagine diving into clear natural waters or fishing your own dinner. Imagine a magical night when the sun does not set at all. Imagine pulling your lungs full of clean, fresh air, away from the noise and pollution of metropolises. Imagine a peaceful, safe and clean country that you can enjoy as you learn new skills, our language and our culture. In Finland, happiness is at your fingertips – grab it once and you do not want to let go.

What we have to offer

Finnish nature offers an excellent learning environment for foreign student and pupil groups. An educational tour in Finland organized by the educational tourism company Northern Skills Finland Education Ltd of Peräpohjolan Opisto folk high school is a gateway to both the Finnish educational system and the inimitable Finnish lifestyle. We offer fully tailored year-round school camps and educational tours that consist of different themes, combining the crown jewels of Finland, our world-famous education, and our picturesque nature that is equally accessible to all. We organize the itinerary in regions around Tornio, Kemi, Haparanda and Rovaniemi, in the exotic landscapes of Southern Lapland and Lapland.

Discover Finland through fun and advantage

Whatever your group is, we are able to offer you a tailored, unique and memorable tour – without forgetting education. The tourism and education parts are planned to overlap in a fun and adventurous way in the Finnish nature. The education is organized by the Peräpohjolan Opisto folk high school, and unlike many other actors, we are also able to issue official certificates to the participants.

What is educational tourism?

Through educational tourism, guests can experience the world-famous Finnish teaching practices in the form of a school camp, educational tour or twinning of schools. We are particularly interested in phenomenon-based learning and learning by doing, as well as the utilization of nature as a learning environment.

Who is educational tourism for?

We organize educational tours for foreign student and pupil groups. Most commonly, the school camp participants are children and adolescents between 10 and 17 years of age, who come to explore Finland and learn about our culture. Educational tourism combines education and tourism in an exciting way.

How is educational tourism organized?

To get started, first have a look at our sample camps, and explore different options and possibilities for camp content. The implementation is always tailored according to the wishes and educational needs of each group of visitors. Please contact our contact person so we can start planning.​

Did you know this about Finland?

Everyman’s rights
Everyman's rights guarantee everyone the right to use nature, regardless of who owns or possesses the land. For example, you can pick berries and mushrooms, swim in the waters or hike in the woods - as long as you do not harm the environment.
Rye bread
Finns love rye bread. We enjoy that sour and chewy, but wonderfully tasty dark bread regardless of its form; as a traditional round bread with a hole in the middle ("reikäleipä", we call it simply "hole bread"), as a loaf and as a slice. We eat up to 16 kilos of rye per person each year!
Finland is known as the land of a thousand lakes. According to the latest calculations, our country is home to nearly 188 000 waters classified as lakes! Our largest lake is Suur-Saimaa, with a surface area of 4380 km².
Finns are suckers for coffee. Would you believe that for a long time, roasted coffee has been consumed more in Finland than anywhere else in the world? Our annual coffee consumption is nearly 10 kg per person!
We are a sparsely populated country and we are used to having our own personal space. The population of Finland on 31.5.2019 was 5 519 586. The population density is only 18 inhabitants per square kilometre; for example, in China the corresponding number is 147, 232 in Germany and 251 in the United Kingdom.
Ice cream
Along with coffee and rye bread, Finns love ice cream. Calculatedly, each Finn munches almost 13 litres of this cold treat per year, which is more than in any other European country. Worldwide we are ranked #4.
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International growth for educational tourism!

Throught the project we will develop the Northern Skills Finland Education Ltd as an international company that organizes educational tourism around year in Sea-Lapland area. The project objectives are 1) Create master plan 2) Plan internationalization and strategy  how we do it 3) Clarify potential partners and pre-contact them 4) Choose five partners and cooperate with them new products and pilot them.