Summer camp in Finnish Lapland

Finnish Lapland is the land of myths and dreams. It is where summer and winter meet – the place where light and darkness dance together from the white summer months to the dark aurora nights. Summer adventure camp gives us a possibility to step outside our comfort zone and open our eyes to new world and new cultures. There is no limit for what can be achieved during the camp; new challenges, different kind of environments and diverse cultures create meaningful learning experiences.

Summer camp itinerary highlights:

  • Finnish sauna experience
  • Baking a Finnish blueberry pie together
  • Hiking in Sweden – picnic lunch over campfire by a forest lake
  • Fishing by the riverside
  • Seal Safari

An example itinerary for a summer camp

Provided an example of what a five-day camp could contain. All camps are individually tailored to meet the wishes and needs of the group.

Summer camp offers the opportunity

  • to spend time outdoors
  • to experience the midnight sun
  • to prepare food over a campfire,
  • to warm up a Finnish sauna
  • to spend a day in the life of a Finnish child or adolescent
  • to gain knowledge and skills about exercise, the English language, geography, biology, handicrafts and Finnish culture

The camp provides a glimpse of the basic education in Finland, which is known for its high quality and excellent learning results. Campers will participate in lessons and will be able to meet and socialize with local children and adolescents.

Winter camps and educational tours /visits are available as well!

Key information

Product available:
June–late August

Target group:
Schoolchildren and adolescents

We utilise experiential learning and adventure education methods at the camp

Customized. Includes programme, accommodation and meals. (Group size at least 20)

For more information:
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mob: +358 50 569 4396
Whatsapp: +358 50 569 4396
WeChat: NorthernSkillsRiikka