The world-famous Finnish educational system meets sensitive, unique nature

The Finnish educational system is recognized worldwide as one of the best in the world. In addition to the high quality of education, Finland is also known for its nature. Fresh air, congestion-free, clean natural waters and the diverse and fascinating landscape of our country; the rugged and beautiful archipelago of the South and the glittering, snow-capped fells of the North are things that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Our products combine these two things that we are so well known for.

Year-round educational tours and school camps in the stunning nature of the North

For example, your group can study English, principles of sustainable development, or media skills while enjoying the enchanting nature of Lapland and interesting places to visit in the North. Educational tourism activities always include gaining new knowledge or skills – not forgetting to have fun while doing so.

Have a look at the options:

New knowledge and skills in an inspiring environment

Northern Skills Finland Education Ltd provides great experiences inside and outside the classroom in the unique environment of Finnish Lapland under the northern lights in the immediate vicinity of the Finnish-Swedish border. We specialize in designing memorable, all-inclusive educational packages for groups according to set requirements. Spend time at the local school, hang out with local students, get to know our world-class educational system, gain hands-on experience and learn while taking part in our fun and exciting educational tours.

Examples of places to visit

Experiences are strongly present in all of our educational tours. In addition to local nature excursions and activities, we can arrange experience filled visits to areas including: